Elad Harel

2013 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: Northwestern University

Current Institution: Michigan State University


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About Elad Harel's Work

A grand challenge of chemistry is to understand how the properties of molecules emerge from the complex correlations of their quantum states. We have developed high-dimensionality and highly nonlinear optical methods to map the correlations between quantum states in condensed-phase chemical and biological systems ranging from conjugated organic molecules, semiconductor nanostructures, and pigment-protein complexes. Our ongoing efforts include directly mapping non-equilibrium excited-state dynamics in time and space on the nanometer length scale to understand how the environment mediates energy transfer and chemical transduction in living and bio-inspired systems.

Awards and Achievements

National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellow

Office of Navy Research Young Investigator Award

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Army Young Investigator Awardee