Venkatesan Guruswami

2005 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: University of Washington

Current Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Computer/Information Sciences

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About Venkatesan Guruswami's Work

My research interests span several topics in theoretical computer science including the theory of error-correcting codes, approximate solvability of hard optimization problems, explicit combinatorial constructions and pseudorandomness, and computational complexity theory. I have a comprehensive body of research on “list decoding of error-correcting codes” and have shown how to achieve the fundamental limit of error-correction even against worst-case noise models, demonstrating that a variant of the widely used Reed-Solomon codes can achieve the optimal trade-off between information rate and number of worst-case errors that can be corrected.

Awards and Achievements

Presburger Award (2012)

ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award (2002)

ACM Fellow (2017)

International Congress of Mathematicians Invited Speaker (2010)

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