About Andrea M. Ghez's Work

I am interested in using and developing high spatial resolution imaging techniques to (1) study star formation and (2) investigate the proposed massive black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Owing to turbulence in our atmosphere, the resolution of pictures obtained with traditional imaging techniques from large ground based telescopes is a factor of 10-30 worse than the theoretical limit. Using a variety of interferometric techniques and adaptive optics, my group has been able to produce diffraction-limited images of a variety of astronomical objects. With the Keck Telescopes, these images have the highest spatial resolution currently obtainable from the ground or space.

Awards and Achievements

Sven Berggren Prize

Royal Physiographic Society

Sweden 2017 Honors: Bakerian Medal (2017)

The Royal Society of London 2016 Crafoord Prize in Astronomy (2016)

Royal Swedish Acad. of Sciences 2012 California Institute of Technology Distinguished Alumni Award (2012)

2012 American Philosophical Society (2012)

elected 2012 MacArthur Fellowship (2012)

2008 National Academy of Sciences (2008)

elected 2004 American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2004)

elected 2004 Raymond & Beverly Sackler Prize (2004)

University of Tel Aviv 2004 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize (2004)

American Astronomical Society (1998)

Packard Fellowship (1996)

Sloan Fellowship (1996)