Carol A. Fierke

1990 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: Duke University

Current Institution: Texas A&M University


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About Carol A. Fierke's Work

Research in our laboratory focuses on understanding the relationship between the structure of medically-relevant biological catalysts and the biological function. Currently, the main focus is investigation of the mechanism, molecular recognition, regulation, biological substrates and biological function of enzymes that catalyze post-translational modifications, including protein farnesyltransferase, protein geranylgeranyl transferase, and histone deacetylases. These enzymes are targets of anti-cancer therapeutics. We are developing a toolbox of techniques, including kinetic analysis, motif identification in peptides and proteins, structure-function probing, small molecule inhibitors, protein-protein crosslinking and proteomics, to identify protein binding partners and substrates and to evaluate the biological pathways that are regulated by these post translational modifications.

Awards and Achievements

Monie A. Ferst Award, Sigma Xi

Gordon Hammes ACS Biochemistry Lectureship

ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences

Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Emil Thomas Kaiser Award, Protein Society

Repligen Award, Biological Chemistry Division, American Chemical Society

AAAS Fellow