Marine A. Denolle

2017 Fellow

Current Institution: Harvard University


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About Marine A. Denolle's Work

Burgeoning urban areas tend to sit atop sedimentary basins because they accommodate favorable terrain for building, soil for farming, and often host essential natural resources such as groundwater. However, urban basins located near active plate boundaries expose populations to elevated seismic hazard. During an earthquake, these basins act as a conduit for seismic energy resulting in markedly amplified and sustained ground shaking. Natural and anthropogenic environmental changes are impacting the basins with subsidence, compaction, and inundation. This project aims to quantify the extent to which these environmental changes are currently impacting basin-related seismic hazard. It involves developing new strategies to collect and analyze seismic data, creating new models that characterize the impact of the groundwater aquifer state on seismic amplification in basins, and predicting the evolution of seismic hazard in urban areas.