Cory Dean

2015 Fellow

Current Institution: Columbia University


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About Cory Dean's Work

My research interest is in the study of novel electronic systems where strong interactions lead to new states of matter, together with the exploitation of these new phases for technological applications. An exciting new opportunity in this effort is the study of spatially indirect excitons, formed when electrons and holes confined to physically-separate but strongly-interacting quantum wells, bind to form a long-lived composite boson. The recently discovered family of 2D crystals are ideally suited for this since the wide range of available characteristics make it possible to design excitons with virtually unlimited and tunable properties. Utilizing newly developed techniques to mix and match these materials , we will explore long-standing predictions that were previously inaccessible, such as the expectation that a system of dilute excitons undergoes bose-condensation into a BEC ground state, and the possibility of dissipationless flow at ambient temperature.