Marcos Dantus

1995 Fellow

Current Institution: Michigan State University


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About Marcos Dantus's Work

My group has pioneered the use of shaped ultrafast pulses to probe and control chemical reactions. Currently, our fundamental research focuses on the development and characterization of super photobases and unraveling the reaction dynamics of H3+, the precursor-ion of most organic molecules in the universe. Our applied research includes improvements for biomedical imaging, post-translational modification mapping, and standoff detection of explosives. I founded KTM Industries, a company that makes biodegradable packaging materials. I formulated TPx Total Power fuel additives to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the mining industry. I also founded Biophotonic Solution, the company that introduced MIIPS shapers—instruments capable of automated femtosecond laser pulse characterization and compression. These shapers are now enabling research around the world. Finally, my most recent venture is the introduction of ROSH sensors designed for youth sports, which detect when the force of a head impact exceeds the threshold from which concussions may follow.

Awards and Achievements

National Academy of Inventors

Fellow of the American Physical Society

Fellow of the Optical Society of America

Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

Beckman Young Investigator

Nobel Laureate Signature Award

Milton and Francis Clauser Doctoral Award