About Kwanghun Chung's Work

My lab is devoted to developing and applying novel technologies for holistic understanding of large-scale complex biological systems. Specifically, in addition to CLARITY (Nature, 2013) that I co-invented at Stanford, we have developed a host of methods (SWITCH [Cell, 2015], stochastic electrotransport [PNAS, 2015], MAP [Nature Biotechnology, 2016]) that may enable identification of multi-scale functional networks and interrogation of their system-wide, multifactorial interactions. We are applying these technologies for studying brain function and dysfunction using animal models, human clinical samples, and organoid systems.

Awards and Achievements

NIH New Innovator Award (2016)

McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award (2016)

Samuel Goldbith Career Development Professorship, MIT (2015)

Packard fellowships for Science and Engineering (2015)

NARSAD Young Investigator Award (2015)

Yumin awards for creativity (2014)

Searle Scholars Program (2014)

40 under 40, Cell magazine (2014)