Kwanghun Chung

2015 Fellow

Current Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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About Kwanghun Chung's Work

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) poses an enormous emotional and financial burden not just on patients but on society as a whole. Currently, there are no effective treatments for AD and results of clinical trials have been extremely disappointing. This calls for a prompt and better understanding of the full human-specific pathophysiology of AD, but lack of enabling technologies has limited our scope to a restrained set of molecules, cells, and brain regions. Here, we propose to develop and apply a set of new technologies for structural and proteomic imaging of human clinical samples to interrogate how pathogenic factors and immune cells differentially affect circuits, neuronal types, molecules brain-wide with unprecedented resolution, speed, and completeness. We envision the successful outcome of this proposed study to fundamentally advance our understanding of disease mechanisms of AD and guide us to identify new therapeutic targets.