Cheng Chin

2006 Fellow

Current Institution: University of Chicago


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About Cheng Chin's Work

The objective of my research is to reach full quantum control of atoms and molecules at ultralow temperatures (~nano-Kelvin) in order to address fundamental issues in condensed matter, nuclear physics, astrophysics, and physical chemistry. In particular, we will investigate the dynamics of ultracold gases near a quantum phase transition and search for the Kibble-Zurek mechanism predicted in the evolution of the early universe. A longer-term goal of our program is to achieve scalable quantum computation. We will employ two atomic species, one used as quantum memory (qubits) and one as messengers, to transport quantum information and realize quantum operations. Atoms will be confined in optical lattices formed by interfering laser beams; control of the laser beam phases will allow single-atom addressing and the scaling of quantum operations to ~1,000 qubits.