About James Cahoon's Work

Two central goals of my research group are to (1) develop a mechanistic understanding of semiconductor nanomaterial synthesis (e.g. nanowires), allowing precise control of composition and morphology, and (2) rationally design and experimentally measure, often at the single-particle level, targeted physical properties and functionality. Because the materials have dimensions on the nanometer length scale, subtle changes in size and geometry have a profound influence on the optical and electrical characteristics. Efforts in materials synthesis are coupled with in-house kinetic and computational modeling as well as a variety of experimental fabrication, characterization, and microscopic measurement techniques. The combination of these three capabilities—synthesis, measurement, and modeling—provides a general strategy to understand growth mechanisms, define structure-property relationships, and interpret device performance. Materials are developed for a variety of applications, ranging from solar energy and solar fuels to electronics and photonics.

Awards and Achievements

Sloan Research Fellowship (2015)

Cottrell Scholar Award (2015)

Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering (2014)

Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement

National Science Foundation CAREER Award

Sloan Research Fellowship

Cottrell Scholar Award