Dan Boneh

1999 Fellow

Current Institution: Stanford University

Computer/Information Sciences

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About Dan Boneh's Work

I head the applied cryptography group and co-direct the computer security lab at Stanford University. My group’s research focuses on applications of cryptography to computer security. Our work includes cryptosystems with novel properties, cryptography for blockchains, Web security, and cryptanalysis.

Awards and Achievements

ACM Infosys Award (2014)

ACM Godel prize (2013)

Ishii Award -- dean's award for Industry Education Innovation (2011)

ComputerWorld Horizon Award (2006)

RSA Award for contributions to the field of cryptography (2005)

InfoWorld Innovators award (2004)

National Academy of Engineering

Sloan Fellowship

In the News

Infosys Foundation Award in the Computing Sciences
Association for Computing Machinery

ACM Group Presents Gödel Prize for Advances in Cryptography
Association for Computing Machinery