Daniel I. Bolnick

2007 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: University of Texas, Austin

Current Institution: University of Connecticut

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology

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About Daniel I. Bolnick's Work

I study the maintenance of genetic variation within populations, and the ecological consequences of this variation. In particular, I am focusing on the maintenance of variation in immune function, and diet, in relation to parasite and prey communities.

Awards and Achievements

David Starr Jordan Prize (2015)

Dobzhansky Prize, Society for the Study of Evolution (2005)

Young Investigator Award, American Society of Naturalists (2005)

George Mercer Award, Ecological Society of America Distinguished Young Alumni Award, University of California at Davis (2010)

HHMI Early Career Scientist (2009-2015)

O'Donnell Award from the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology