Sanjeev Arora

1997 Fellow

Current Institution: Princeton University

Computer/Information Sciences

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About Sanjeev Arora's Work

Interested in theoretical computer science, specifically the computational complexity of tasks. This involves figuring out which problems have algorithms that provably run in time polynomial in the input size. Arora’s past work has characterized the aproximability of a host of optimization problems that are NP-hard hard. Currently he is interested in the complexity of machine learning tasks.

Awards and Achievements

ACM-EATCS Gödel Prize (2001)

ACM-EATCS Gödel Prize (2010)

Sloan Fellowship (1996)

Packard Fellowship (1997)

ACM Infosys Foundation Award in the Computing Sciences (2012)

D. R. Fulkerson Prize (2012)

Simons Investigator Award (2012)