Nima Arkani-Hamed

2000 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: Harvard University

Current Institution: Institute for Advanced Study


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About Nima Arkani-Hamed's Work

I have been exploring the possibility that new spatial dimensions can be generated dynamically from purely 4D theories. This “dimensional deconstruction” has opened up a number of new avenues of research. One broad direction is to understand the physics of higher dimensions in a more concrete setting; indeed, these models have provided short-distance completions of higher-D gauge theories, and in suitably supersymmetric situations, have been shown to turn into exotic non-gravitational sectors of superstring theory. The same ideas have led to the overcoming of the conceptual obstacles for simulating 4D SUSY theories on a lattice, an unsolved problem in lattice gauge theory for twenty years. In another direction, apparently intrinsically higher-dimensional ideas for physics beyond the standard model can be “deconstructed” to reveal an often simpler purely 4D mechanism at work. This has led to a qualitatively new set of theories with no higher-dimensional interpretation whatsoever.