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My research is focused on the development of new material and device platforms for integrated nanophotonics. We have extensive experience in design, optimization, simulation, and fabrication of high-speed, low-power, and ultra-compact reconfigurable integrated photonic structures for optical sensing, optical communications, optical interconnection, and optical signal processing. Our group has pioneered several high-quality hybrid CMOS-compatible material platforms (e.g., double-layer silicon, silicon-on-silicon nitride, silicon-carbide-on-insulator) that have enabled integrated nanophotonic devices (e.g., high-quality-factor resonators) with unprecedented performance measures. These material platforms enable monolithic integration of passive, active, nonlinear, and quantum photonic nanostructures on a single substrate. We are also active in using plasmonic nanoantenna arrays as both sensors and metasurfaces for imaging and spectroscopy applications. Despite being known as a world leader in the field of integrated nanophotonics, we have pioneered several high-frequency integrated phononic (or acoustic) crystal structures in CMOS-compatible platforms.

Awards and Achievements


Presidential Early Career award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

PIE Technology Achievement Award

Georgia Tech Richard M. Bass Outstanding Teacher Award

Class of 1940 Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award from Georgia Tech

Outstanding Leadership Award for the Development of Graduate Research Assistants from Georgia Tech

Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching from Georgia Tech

Advisor of the Best Georgia Tech PhD Thesis Award (8 times) from Sigma Xi, Georgia Tech

Fellow of SPIE, OSA, and AAAS