Ted G. Abel

2000 Fellow

Current Institution: University of Pennsylvania


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About Ted G. Abel's Work

The primary focus of research in the Abel lab is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of long-term memory storage with a focus on the mammalian hippocampus. One of the hallmarks of long-term memory storage is that it requires the synthesis of new genes and new proteins, which act to alter the strength of synaptic connections within appropriate neuronal circuits in the brain. How are the various signals acting on a neuron integrated to give rise to appropriate changes in gene expression? How are changes in gene expression maintained to sustain memories for days, months and even years? What role does sleep play in memory storage? How is hippocampal function altered in mouse models of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders?

Penn 60 Second Lecture, 22 September 2012: It’s Not a Dream, It’s a Memory: The Role of Sleep in Memory Storage:

Awards and Achievements

Donald O. Hebb Lecturer, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (2015)

Keynote Lecture, Asian Chromatin Meeting, Bangalore, India (2015)

Presidential Symposium Lecturer, Association for Psychological Science (2013)

Elected Fellow, American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (2012)

In the News

NPR’s Science Friday, 5 October 2012: “What your genes can tell you about your memory”

Penn-led Team Prevents Memory Problems Caused by Sleep Deprivation, 18 November 2014

Learning difficulties mark male mice with autism mutation, SFARI, 19 November 2014