Mission Investing


Leveraging Mission Investments to Help Small Businesses Procure COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program Funding

As part of the Packard Foundation’s commitment to act quickly to support our partners, the communities in which we live and work, and those hit hardest by COVID-19, we are working with our mission investment partners to help organizations addressing the pandemic seize time-sensitive opportunities and funding.  The Foundation’s COVID-19 response includes a... Continue Reading

Mission Investing Targets Climate Change

In the second half of 2015, the Packard Foundation Board of Trustees approved $20 million in Program-Related Investments to promote climate mitigation and energy access. The investments include loans to the following organizations: OffGrid Electric... Continue Reading

New Training on PRIs Available

Today a new, interactive training tool is available free of charge to help the staff of private foundations explore the rules and potential impact of program-related investments, or PRIs. Like a grant, a PRI supports... Continue Reading