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A Message to Our Grantee Partners on the Foundation’s COVID-19 Grantmaking Response

Dear Grantee Partners,

As the wide-ranging implications of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold, we recognize the profound impacts this is having on each of you, both professionally and personally. During this unprecedented time, the Packard Foundation’s primary focus is to accommodate, as best we can, the unique demands shouldered by our grantees. We want you and your organization to be resilient and strong in the coming days, weeks, and beyond so you may continue your important work.

We believe in your leadership and know you will make best use of the Foundation’s funding during this time of crisis. With that in mind, below are the guiding principles we are using to support our grantees in the coming months.

  • We are open to converting project grants to general operating support, providing our grantees maximum flexibility to use funds where they are most needed. If this is something that would be helpful to you, please let your program officer know. This applies to all grantees other than expenditure responsibility grantees, universities, fiscal sponsors, and governmental units; if you fall into one of those categories, there may be other ways we can provide you with more flexibility.
  • All grantees will automatically receive a 4-month extension for any grant report due between February 28 and June 30.  We are happy to adjust project timelines or additional reporting deadlines as needed.
  • We will make payments on your grants as scheduled, and we are open to requests for expedited payments if that would be helpful.
  • We understand changed plans, cancelled events, changed budgets, and delayed or altered reports. For example, funds expended for events that are now cancelled (and not refundable) can be charged to our grant without formal modification to our grant agreement.

We are acutely aware that this global crisis will manifest differently across geographies, the issues you work on, and the type of grant you have received. Therefore, your questions may require nuanced responses. Our program teams are available to work with each grantee on the best way we can support each and every partner.

We are adjusting our response as we learn more about the impact of COVID-19 and from our conversations with you. We commit to promptly share our thinking with you as it evolves. In addition, we are urgently exploring how we might support projects in response to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and additional support for the people and organizations most impacted. Please continue to provide our program staff with feedback as you speak with them and please send your suggestions to me about how we can best support you by emailing me at [email protected].

We are grateful for the incredible work you do, and your efforts are needed now more than ever. I sincerely hope you and your family stay healthy and well.

Kindest regards,

Craig Neyman, Interim CEO and President