Evaluation and Learning

The Standards

The Standards is a document that pulls together many of the approaches, tools, and guidelines that have been developed at the Packard Foundation in our decade-long commitment to building grantmaking effectiveness.

We created The Standards in the spring of 2007 in response to an increase in funding resources. It built on our prior strategy development work and reflects Foundation values, philosophy, and policies.

The overarching goal was to identify and pull together the best practices in strategy development. The Standards help guide funding allocation and serve as a resource for Foundation staff as they develop, implement, and evaluate new or expanded subprograms.

The Standards reflect the Foundation’s value around effectiveness. In this spirit, The Standards not only apply to strategy development, but to an ongoing process for strategy implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Rather than viewing strategy as something static, strategy becomes a dynamic and ongoing process intrinsic to the way we work.

The Standards incorporate contributions from many of the Foundation’s stakeholders, including two working groups comprised of program officers, evaluation staff, and the vice president of programs. These contributors utilized a “ground up” approach to building sound evaluation practices at the Foundation.

The Standards include:

The Overview – This booklet provides an introduction and background for The Standards. It also features “At a Glance” summaries of each phase, as well as graphics that lay out paths to developing and implementing a subprogram strategy.

The Workbook – Includes enhanced “At a Glance” summaries of each phase, descriptions and tools for each required product, and worksheets for each phase and product.

The Resources – Includes additional materials and references to help staff dig deeper into the phases, products, and philosophies for developing and implementing subprogram strategies.

Download The Standards (PDF)