I work in Condensed Matter Theory with the following materials: Quasi-one-dimensional organic conductors, such as (TMTSF)2X. I worked on theories of the angular magnetoresistance oscillations (AMRO), the midgap Andeev bound states for triplet p-wave superconductivity, the Magnetic-Field-Induced Spin-Density Wave (FISDW) and the quantum Hall effect (QHE); – Cuprate high-temperature superconductors; – Ruthenate superconductors Sr2RuO4. I worked on theories of tunneling into the chiral px+ipy triplet superconducting state and the polar Kerr effect, which experimentally proved spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking in this state. I also work in Econophysics, a new interdisciplinary field which applies methods of Statistical Physics to Economics and Finance.