My lab focuses on the study of novel ground states and functional properties in condensed matter systems synthesized via atomically precise thin film deposition techniques. These model systems often stabilize ground states and functional properties not observable in the bulk. I have a particular interest in strongly correlated complex oxide thin films and heterostructures, including low dimensional electron gases and new spintronic materials. My current focus is on (i) materials for spin current generation, propagation and detection, (ii) interfaces which give rise to emergent magnetic and electronic phenomena, (iii) materials with transparency, ferromagnetism and conduction.

Awards and Achievements

  • Department of Defense National Security Science and Engineering Fellowship ( 2014)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society ( 2012)
  • American Competitiveness and Innovation Fellow of the National Science Foundation ( 2008)
  • Maria Goeppert-Mayer Award of the American Physical Society (2005); Robert Lansing Hardy Award of The Materials, Minerals and Metals Society ( 1999)
  • National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award ( 1997)
  • Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award ( 1997)
  • Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship
  • Robert Lansing Hardy Award