My current research interests include non-Newtonian fluid mechanics (especially in the area of elastic instabilities, and turbulent drag reduction), nonequilibrium polymer statistical dynamics (focusing on single molecules studies of DNA), and suspension mechanics (particularly particles in viscoelastic fluids and particles/vesicles/capsules in microfluidics).

Awards and Achievements

  • Society of Rheology ( 2015)
  • Member, National Academy of Engineering ( 2013)
  • Lester Levi Carter Endowed Professorship, Stanford University ( 2011)
  • E.C. Bingham Medal (for Outstanding Contributions to Rheology), Society of Rheology ( 2011)
  • Ronald Probstein Lecturer in Engineering Science, MIT ( 2011)
  • Associate Editor, Physics of Fluids ( 2006)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society ( 2001)