My work deals generally with strongly interacting quantum field theories (QFTs). I am interested in the study of their general properties and structures, as well as in their applications to systems of condensed matter or statistical mechanics, some of high experimental interest. Most of my work uses non-perturbative techniques such as conformal invariance, integrability and supersymmetry. Lately, my group has been focussing on non-unitary QFTs, especially those occurring in the description of plateau transitions in the integer quantum Hall effect. This has uncovered deep relations with the representation theory of associative algebras, and led to the consideration of “bottom-up” approaches, with a new emphasis on the properties of lattice regularizations, and discrete versions of conformal invariance.

Awards and Achievements

  • National Young Investigator Award
  • Senior Humboldt Prize
  • Silver Medal from the CNRS (France)
  • ERC Advanced Grant