Our group investigates the Conformational – Functional Behavior of Proteins. The approach we use is multidisciplinary, borrowing concepts and methodologies from condensed matter physics, physical chemistry,molecular spectroscopy, computer science, protein chemistry, and molecular and cell biology. We employ kinetic techniques (stopped-flow, continuous flow, temperature-jump), steady state spectroscopy (fluorescence, absorption, circular dichroism), nuclear magnetic resonance, single molecule studies and high performance computing to answer questions concerning the intimate behavior of proteins.

Awards and Achievements

  • EMBO Short-Term Fellowship ( 1991)
  • Human Frontiers Science Programme Postdoctoral Fellowship ( 1996-1998)
  • EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship for the US (Declined)
  • Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award ( 2000)
  • Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering ( 2001)
  • Searle Scholar ( 2002)
  • Marie Curie Excellence Grant ( 2007)
  • EMBO Member ( 2009)
  • ERC Advanced Grant ( 2013)