The See Group investigates chemistry that enables sustainable, next-generation batteries to go beyond the conventional paradigm of lithium-ion batteries. Our research goals focus on developing the electrochemistry of Earth-abundant multivalent cations (e.g. Mg, Ca, and Zn) and multielectron processes. Multivalent batteries have the potential to increase capacity by an order of magnitude over lithium-ion. We take a holistic approach to develop these new systems as each component in the battery is codependent. We therefore study chemistry at the anode, cathode, and electrolyte, including reactions that occur in the solid-state, processes governing electron transfer at the solid-liquid or solid-solid interface, and ionic conduction of active cations in liquid and solid electrolytes. We aim to develop fundamental insights into the mechanisms that control performance and develop structure-property relationships that inform the design of advanced battery technologies.

Awards and Achievements

  • VW/BASF Science Award Electrochemistry ( 2019)
  • Beckman Young Investigator Award ( 2019)
  • The Electrochemical Society Toyota Young Investigator Award ( 2018)