The Kelleher laboratory has evolved into three main sub-groups working in the areas of Top Down Proteomics, Natural Products Biosynthesis/Discovery, and Chromatin Biology. The core of the group is built around expertise in technology development for complex mixture analysis using Fourier-Transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) for targeted applications in proteomics and natural products chemistry, devising technologies for high value measurements of small molecule metabolites, whole proteins and their endogenous complexes. In technology, we established protein separations, new mass spectrometric hardware, and provided software used by >2000 labs worldwide to harness the value of complex FTMS data with high mass accuracy. Further themes include using intact proteins for efficient detection of their post-translational modifications, with specific interests in gain-of-Function mutants of histone methyltransferases in cancers of the blood. We invent powerful new methods to understand how microbial and human cells work at the molecular level.

Awards and Achievements

  • Biemann Medal (ASMS) ( 2009)
  • Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry (ACS, Division of Biological Chemistry) ( 2006)
  • A.F. Findeis Award (ACS, Division of Analytical Chemistry) ( 2006)
  • Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering ( 2004)
  • Packard Fellowship ( 2003-2008)
  • Fulbright Scholar ( 1991-1993)

In the News