Our group researches new design methods, device platforms, and materials discovery innovations for the next generation of nanophotonic technologies. Specific research activities include the following: 1) The application of optimization and machine learning to metamaterials. Ultra-high performance single layer and multi-layer diffractive optical devices have been discovered. With these design tools, the absolute limits of optical response from nanostructured media are probed. 2) The development of programmable nanophotonic platforms. By merging concepts in electronic memory (i.e., those based on resistive RAM and phase change materials) with nanophotonics, programmable metasurfaces with subwavelength-scale spatial resolution are realized. 3) Growth of single crystal metal on amorphous insulator. Our group has developed a new liquid phase epitaxy method to grow single and bi-crystal metal microstructures on amorphous oxide, for use in high performance plasmonic devices and for the fundamental study of single grain boundary defects in metals.

Awards and Achievements

  • PECASE Award
  • AFOSR Young Investigator Award
  • Sloan Fellowship
  • 3M Untenured Faculty Award