My research covers a range of topics in atmospheric chemistry from air quality to climate change. Our group has been a leader in the development of global 3-D models and in the exploitation of satellite data to quantify emissions and transport. We have led NASA aircraft missions in many remote parts of the world to uncover mechanisms for atmospheric chemistry. We have made a number of discoveries regarding the factors controlling atmospheric oxidants and aerosols, intercontinental transport of air pollution, effects of climate change on air quality, and human influence on environmental mercury. Our current research focuses on atmospheric methane, the role of organics and halogens in global atmospheric chemistry, and air pollution in the US and Asia. We are also heavily involved in software engineering design for the next generation of atmospheric models.

Awards and Achievements

  • NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal ( 2003)
  • James B. Macelwane Medal
  • American Geophysical Union ( 1994)