A concerted effort of our lab is the development of novel techniques and approaches, relying on electron and nuclear spin magnetic resonance that enables the study of biomolecular structure, dynamics and interaction with unprecedented sensitivity, resolution and information content. A core focus of our lab’s development is dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) that amplifies the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signal by several orders of magnitudes, by transferring polarization from highly polarized electron spin probes to the surrounding nuclei. In particular, ambient temperature Overhauser DNP that was developed by our lab for the study of local water dynamics has now become an emerging technique for the study of surface-coupled solvation dynamics of proteins, soft materials to catalyst surfaces.

Awards and Achievements

  • NSF Career Award
  • Dreyfus Teacher Scholar
  • NIH Innovator Award
  • Bessel Prize of the Humboldt Foundation