As Center Director of the Materials Science Center at NREL, I am leading the efforts of ~ 150 scientists, engineers, postdocs, students, technical staff and affiliated visitors to advance the materials science required for renewable energy, energy efficiency and advanced energy technologies for a sustainable energy future. The Materials Science Center advances knowledge in the fields of materials physics, interface and surface science, imaging and microscopy, thin film material growth and processing and PV reliability. My scientific interests are in the areas of imaging energy transport, semiconductor physics and devices (an interest I am honored to have shared with David Packard), novel materials and the physics of high resistivity materials. I have also worked on detector physics for far-infrared astronomy, remote sensing and nuclear radiation detection.

Awards and Achievements

  • American Physical Society (APS) Prize for Research at an Undergraduate Institution
  • APS Fellows
  • Humboldt Fellow
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar