Research in our group covers a wide range of subjects at the interface of physics, chemistry, and biology. Fast protein and RNA dynamics in vitro and in vivo are studied by laser temperature jump and by time-resolved microscopy. Laser-assisted scanning tunneling microscopy enables single molecule spectroscopy where the excited states of macromolecules and nanostructures can be directly visualized. Molecular energy flow and coherence in highly excited states is revealed by a combination of spectroscopy, quantum dynamics simulations, and electronic structure calculations. The dynamics of glass surfaces is studied by STM time lapse movies covering from milliseconds to day time scales. Collective dynamics from bacterial colonies to fish swimming is studied by a combination of video imaging and dimensionality-reduction behavioral data analysis.

Awards and Achievements

  • Member, National Academy of Sciences ( 2013)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences ( 2010)
  • Member, German National Academy of Science ( 2008)
  • Fellow of the Biophysical Society ( 2005)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society ( 2002)
  • American Chemical Society