The DeRisi Lab is focused on developing genomic technology to better understand the underlying fundamental mechanisms of infectious disease, with the ultimate goal of deploying solutions for better diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. To this end, our group has pursued a wide range of diseases, including human malaria, and viral diseases of mammals, birds, and reptiles, using an equally broad set of tools. For clinical disease, our lab has focused on infectious and autoimmune neurological syndromes, including encephalitis and meningitis with a specific goal of translating the resulting methods and discoveries into clinical practice. Recently, I was named co-President of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, a new non-profit research institute that joins UCSF, UCB, and Stanford into a unique basic science research collaboration.

Awards and Achievements

  • National Academy of Science
  • National Academy of Medicine
  • National Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • MacArthur Fellowship