My lab is interested in bridging chemistry, physics, materials sciences, electrical engineering and medicine through nanosciences and novel materials. Examples of my group’s work include the synthesis and application of novel carbon nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons. The high quality of these materials has broadly facilitated studies of the intrinsic physical properties of carbon nanotubes. I am interested in chemical functionalization of nano-carbon materials including  stacking chemistry on carbon nanotubes and graphene. My group is currently at the frontier of biological imaging in the second near-infrared window (NIR-II, 1000-1700 nm) to suppress photon scattering, thus achieving deep tissue fluorescence imaging. We are also exploring original directions and contributing to solving energy problems. Our lab invented the aluminum ion battery and is continuing to make new breakthroughs in energy related science and technology.

Awards and Achievements

  • National Academy of Science
  • American Academy of Science
  • NIH Pioneer Award
  • MRS Mid Career Award
  • APS McGraddy Prize
  • ACS Pure Chemistry Award