My two key research goals are: Explore and invent (a) new nanotechnologies that can fabricate nanostructures substantially smaller, better, and cheaper than current technology permits; and (b) innovative nanodevices/materials (electronic, optical, magnetic, biological and medical diagnostic) that combine cutting-edge nanotechnology with frontier knowledge from different disciplines and can offer unprecedentedly better performances and/or lower cost, leading to impacts to both academia and industry. Examples of new nanotechnologies we developed include nanoimprint lithography, self-perfection by liquefaction, lithographically induced self-assembly, laser-assisted direct imprint, and friction-induced self-assembly. Examples of innovative nanodevices we developed include nano-transistors/memories (new structures or quantum and single-electron effect based), quantized magnetic disks (bit-patterned media), subwavelength nanophotonics/nanoplasmonics, ultra-high speed photodetectors, ultra-sensitive bio/chemical nanosensors (DNA, immunoassay, fluorescence or Raman based, etc.), and nanoplasmonic solar cells and LEDs.

Awards and Achievements

  • National Academy of Engineering