I lead a multi-disciplinary research group of chemists who are interested in the design and synthesis of new functionally precise polymers and their potential applications. Our approach starts at the sub-nanometer scale, whereby we synthesize monomers that are programmed with a particular type of molecular recognition or functionality that, when converted into polymers, ultimately leads to a desired response at the nano- and macro-scopic levels. By combining synthetic organic and supramolecular chemistries, we create versatile ‘smart’ polymeric materials that can be tuned to fit a particular application. Current areas of interest in my research group include the development of i) non-toxic combination drug delivery nanomaterials to treat multidrug-resistant bacterial infections and aggressive forms of cancer, ii) stimuli-responsive materials consisting of 3D polymer networks that do mechanical work in response to visible light or electrical currents, and iii) new complex polymer architectures that possess novel material properties.

Awards and Achievements

  • 2017 Young Investigator Award - Cancer Research Foundation
  • 2017 Foresight Institute Fellow