My research is focused on the development of new material and device platforms for integrated nanophotonics. We have extensive experience in design, optimization, simulation, and fabrication of high-speed, low-power, and ultra-compact reconfigurable integrated photonic structures for optical sensing, optical communications, optical interconnection, and optical signal processing. Our group has pioneered several high-quality hybrid CMOS-compatible material platforms (e.g., double-layer silicon, silicon-on-silicon nitride, silicon-carbide-on-insulator) that have enabled integrated nanophotonic devices (e.g., high-quality-factor resonators) with unprecedented performance measures. These material platforms enable monolithic integration of passive, active, nonlinear, and quantum photonic nanostructures on a single substrate. We are also active in using plasmonic nanoantenna arrays as both sensors and metasurfaces for imaging and spectroscopy applications. Despite being known as a world leader in the field of integrated nanophotonics, we have pioneered several high-frequency integrated phononic (or acoustic) crystal structures in CMOS-compatible platforms.

Awards and Achievements

  • NSF CAREER Award
  • Presidential Early Career award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
  • PIE Technology Achievement Award
  • Georgia Tech Richard M. Bass Outstanding Teacher Award
  • Class of 1940 Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award from Georgia Tech
  • Outstanding Leadership Award for the Development of Graduate Research Assistants from Georgia Tech
  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching from Georgia Tech
  • Advisor of the Best Georgia Tech PhD Thesis Award (8 times) from Sigma Xi, Georgia Tech
  • Fellow of SPIE, OSA, and AAAS