The Centre for Catalyzing Change is partnering with TrulyMadly, an online dating website in India, to provide quality sexual and reproductive health information, including contraceptive options, for all genders using a non-judgmental, fun, pleasure-affirming tone.

Responding to the rise in online dating app use among young people in India, the Centre for Catalyzing Change is partnering with TrulyMadly to reach young people with sexual and reproductive health information and make referrals to where they can obtain reliable, quality sexual and reproductive health services. With the growth of India’s economy over the last two decades, mobile internet coverage has expanded exponentially, especially among young people. A significant increase in mobile app usage, combined with India’s demographics and rapid urbanization, have led to a surge in dating app popularity in the country, particularly among those ranging from 18 – 35 years of age. Information through this pilot project will be delivered through a fun, easy to understand, non-judgmental, and pleasure-affirming approach that empowers young people to make informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive well-being. The project seeks to reach TrulyMadly’s pan-India youth user base, which has over three million subscribers, with information on safer sex and contraceptive choices and establish a successful public-private partnership that can be replicated across other dating apps and websites. This 18-month project will launch in 2019.

Quality in reproductive and sexual health services means accurate and complete information available through non-judgmental, non-discriminatory and respectful platforms and service providers to married and unmarried people.


There is a disconnect between where young people congregate and where services are available, leading to a big disconnect. A growing number of young people are sexually active and using online dating platforms, but do not have information on SRH –which is their right!


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