Nivi’s artificial intelligence-enhanced innovation, “askNivi,” will provide accurate, comprehensive reproductive health information to individuals seeking medication abortion in India.

Building off its success in Kenya, in 2019 Nivi launched “askNivi” in India, a counseling service enhanced by artificial intelligence that provides accurate, tailored, and trusted family planning and sexual and reproductive health information. Nivi’s mission is to help every person take control of their health by making confident and informed decisions. Operating via SMS, Facebook Messenger, webchat, and WhatsApp, askNivi connects anyone with a mobile phone to sexual and reproductive health information conveniently and confidentially. Through this project in India, askNivi intends to provide persons seeking information about medication abortion with accurate information so they can make informed, safe, and supported decisions about the process and follow-up care. The six-month project will launch in 2019.

Trusted conversational narrative informs consumer decisions and, for young people, early life decisions can shape preferences over many years to come. Nivi plans to create roles for youth as consumers, producers, and brand ambassadors.


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