Our Green Headquarters

When the Packard Foundation was designing our headquarters to be a net zero energy and LEED® Platinum building, we were making a conscious decision to live the values we support.

Now operating the largest Net Zero Energy certified building in the world, we hope to inspire others to construct buildings that are more environmentally sustainable. To that end, we commissioned a case study as a way to share the collective experience of our employees and our partners in designing, constructing and operating this building.

We invite you to download this study, “Sustainability in Practice: Building and Running 343 Second Street” and to take a look at our building through the videos, images, and resources we have shared on these pages.

Our Green Building:

  • Represents a physical manifestation of our long-term commitment to conserving the Earth’s natural resources
  • Provides a comfortable, healthful space for our employees to work collaboratively
  • Supports a vital downtown in the community which has been the Foundation’s home for nearly 50 years

Photo Credit: David Livingston

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