How We Operate

Evaluation and Learning

We care not only about what grant funds accomplish, but also about how we do that grantmaking, engage with grantees and improve over time.  We are guided by a set of five core values: integrity, respect for all people, belief in individual leadership, capacity to think big and commitment to effectiveness. These values, in particular our commitment to effectiveness, have led us to a monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approach that emphasizes learning and continuous improvement, with the end goal of making the greatest difference possible in our areas of focus. In this spirit, we have developed a set of five guiding principles for our monitoring, evaluation and learning efforts:

  1. Continuously learn and adapt
  2. Learn in partnership
  3. Inform our decisions with multiple inputs
  4. Cultivate curiosity
  5. Share learning to amplify impact

The following resources provide more information on our how we do the work of evaluation and learning at the Packard Foundation:

  • Our principles in greater detail, how we put them in practice and what we monitor and evaluate.
  • One of our evaluations that illustrates what continuous learning and improvement can mean in practice.
  • An internal set of Standards that pulls together our best practices to develop, implement, and evaluate new or expanded program strategies.