Program-Related Investments

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The Challenge

The social and environmental challenges we tackle with our partners benefit from investment or loan support to grow and scale good ideas. In addition to making grants, we make Program-Related investments—or PRIs—to both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Depending on grantee needs, we offer a variety of investment tools – loans, loan guarantees, or equity investments. We choose the tool that will maximize the project’s impact on our programmatic strategies.

Our Work

The Packard Foundation has a long, rich, and diverse history of making program-related investments. Since 1980, we have made over 200 investments totaling $500 million to both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. These PRIs have supported a range of activities both locally and internationally in our priority areas related to the environment, children’s health, and women’s reproductive health, among others. Our PRIs support transformational impacts and innovation; helping organizations seize time-sensitive opportunities, take on large-scale projects, attract new sources of capital, and scale their efforts for maximum impact.

As an impact-first investor, the return we seek is deep social and environmental impact that advances our grantmaking strategies. We have no profit motivation per se in this type of investment.

The Change We Seek

We believe that right type of investment can quickly change the course of an organization and its ability to achieve its mission. We work closely with investees to structure projects to maximize impact and attract additional capital.

Stories of Progress

Program-Related Investments

The Freshwater Trust: Investing in River and Stream Restoration

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