Elaine Runting Shi

2015 Fellow

Current Institution: Cornell University

Computer/Information Sciences

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About Elaine Runting Shi's Work

We are in the midst of a data revolution. The ability to collect and mine data at scale will enable new applications and transform our lives. However, privacy concerns often hinder the sharing, usage, and monetization of sensitive data. My vision is to develop a framework called ObliVM that will enable practical oblivious computation, where computation takes place on “encrypted” data without exposing the cleartext. To make oblivious computation practical, my research identifies and defines fascinating new interactions between efficient cryptography, programming languages, and secure hardware. ObliVM will enable a paradigm shift for a vast array of data-heavy fields and disciplines that involve sensitive financial, medical, or genomic data. Securing data, and proving to users that their data is safeguarded will fundamentally and positively change attitudes, allowing our citizenry and researchers to fully engage in the data revolution of the “now”.