Felix Fischer

2013 Fellow

Current Institution: University of California, Berkeley


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About Felix Fischer's Work

My research group focuses on the rational design, deterministic assembly, and detailed investigation of the physical phenomena emerging from quantum confinement effects in graphene nanomaterials. We pursue a highly integrated multidisciplinary program, founded on synthetic bottom-up approaches toward functional materials with precisely defined structure, their assembly into hierarchically ordered architectures, and the investigation of their inherent physical properties using modern scanning probe techniques across multiple length, time, and energy scales. The technological advancements enabled through this research have sparked the development of low-energy high-performance computing architectures, the next generation of energy conversion nanocatalysts and storage systems, and have established surface mediated chemical transformations as competent synthetic methodologies for target-directed organic synthesis.

Awards and Achievements

NSF Carer Award

DOE Early Career Award

Carl-Duisberg Prize of the German Chemical Society

Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry Award for Early Excellence