Global Strategies

Marine Birds

Our grantees are enhancing ocean biodiversity by protecting seabirds and shorebirds and their habitats around the world.

Seabirds and shorebirds are some of the most threatened animals on Earth. Protecting marine birds and their habitats is vital to protecting the biodiversity of the ocean.

Marine birds depend on and contribute to a thriving ocean, but they are in danger around the world. On the high seas, fishing boats routinely catch endangered seabirds, like albatrosses and petrels, in their gear. On islands where seabirds nest, invasive predators reduce their breeding success. And on the mainland, wetland reclamation projects and other types of development continue to destroy coastal habitats that are important to shorebirds.

With our grantees and partners, we work to reverse these trends and strengthen seabird and shorebird populations. Our goals include:

  • Protecting seabirds from bycatch by improving fishing regulations and ensuring the broad use of best practices on the high seas.
  • Increasing seabird breeding success and survival by restoring island habitat and eradicating invasive species.
  • Building the capacity of non-governmental organizations to protect coastal habitats and more effectively monitor the health of shorebird populations along the Pacific Flyway, especially in Latin America.

Our People

Walt Reid


Meg Caldwell

Deputy Director, Oceans

Richard Cudney

Program Officer

Juli Chamberlin

Program Associate

Aurora Aparicio Collazo

Program Research Analyst

How to Get Support

The Conservation and Science program welcomes your ideas for funding requests. Please review our existing strategies and, if your work is aligned with our funding priorities and geographic focus, send a short description to the relevant Program Officer and Program Associate or send the description using the form here. Please do not send a full proposal until requested by the Program Officer.