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Through an analysis of science, and the history and strengths we bring as a Foundation, we identified six countries with great potential to influence the health of the global ocean: the United States, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, China and Japan.

Based on the best available science and data, as well as the history and strengths we bring as a Foundation, we identified six countries with significant potential to influence the health of the global ocean: Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and the United States.
Taken together, these six countries play an outsized role in the global seafood economy. They also include coastal and marine habitat that is vital to the ocean’s biodiversity. In addition, they are places where we as a Foundation are well-positioned to support positive change.
Our specific priorities, opportunities, and approaches in each country vary significantly. We work with partners on the ground to find the best ways to achieve our shared ocean and seafood sustainability goals. At the same time, our global strategies support grantees and partners in those six countries to accelerate progress.

Across all six countries, we work with partners to:

  • Improve seafood sustainability through enhanced seafood production management and governance;
  • Strengthen marine biodiversity protection through habitat restoration and protection; and
  • Strengthen civil society and governance capacity for more durable outcomes, particularly in the face of climate change.
  • Ensure that marine aquaculture is responsible and sustainable.
  • Protect habitat that is vital to marine biodiversity.

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How to Get Support

The Conservation and Science program welcomes your ideas for funding requests. Please review our existing strategies and, if your work is aligned with our funding priorities and geographic focus, send a short description to the relevant Program Officer and Program Associate or send the description using the form here. Please do not send a full proposal until requested by the Program Officer.