What We’re Doing

We work with grantees and partners worldwide to protect ocean life for today and tomorrow.

While the problems facing the ocean are complex—and responses to address these threats may differ from place to place—the basic path to creating a better future for the ocean is clear: Stop the activities that do the most harm. Create incentives for solutions that do the most good. Help leaders and communities to build the knowledge and capacity to take positive steps. And take action now because these problems will only become more difficult and expensive to solve if we wait.

Since our first marine-related grant in 1968, the Packard Foundation’s long-standing engagement with a diverse set of grantees has transformed what we know about our ocean and how people interact with it. Today, the Foundation’s ocean investments are focused in six countries and on a suite of global strategies that together offer great potential for accelerating positive change.



The amount to date that the Packard Foundation has committed to expand our understanding of the ocean and improve its long-term health.


Number of grantee organizations we have supported to advance ocean conservation around the world.


Total number of grants the Foundation has made to support the work of these grantees.

Our Approach

Rather than relying on any single approach to advance our work, we draw from a range of tested approaches that can be applied and adjusted according to the needs and challenges presented in our work.


Promoting market and supply chain incentives

Continue to build global demand for sustainable seafood and support market-based tools, such as seafood certification, ratings, and improvement approaches.


Improving scientific, economic, and policy knowledge

Support the collection of clear, consistent, and useful data on the state of marine resources to fill information gaps and manage those resources more sustainably.


Supporting policy, regulatory, and enforcement reforms

Build political will to establish fisheries and marine conservation policies and allocate resources to implement those policies.


Enhancing leadership and capacity

Support grantees in engagement with government managers and leadership and training of civil society, scientists and other decision makers.

Fellowships in Philanthropy

In partnership with the U.C. Berkeley Center for Social Sector Leadership, we provide recent graduates from diverse disciplines and backgrounds a professional-level introduction to philanthropy and the non-profit sector. Learn more about the Research Analyst program.

Learn more about our longstanding commitment to study, understand and protect the ocean that sustains us all.