Marine Fisheries

Today’s estimates show that more than 40 percent of fisheries have crashed or are overfished, resulting in more than $50 billion of global economic losses per year. Allowing fish populations to rebound is a critical component of restoring ocean health and ensuring a bright future for the millions of people who depend on our oceans for their livelihoods and food.

Our Goals

We are working to ensure that by 2022 one-third of the volume of wild caught seafood comes from well-managed, sustainable fisheries or from fisheries in the process of rebuilding. We aim to achieve this goal by aligning economic and conservation incentives that create demand for sustainable seafood and drive improvements in fisheries and aquaculture management. Our coordinated efforts will lead to a marketplace where industry competition and stronger government management leads to healthy, well-managed fisheries.

What We Fund

The Foundation helps create demand for sustainable seafood by supporting organizations that:

  • Advance business leadership by encouraging North American seafood businesses to buy and sell sustainable seafood.
  • Improve fisheries and fish farms by investing in credible, third-party certification programs, rigorous scientifically-based rating systems, and credible fishery and aquaculture improvement projects.
  • Attract new financial investments by building a network of donors and investors to fund efforts that expand the supply of sustainable seafood and encourage industry innovation.

Our People