What We’re Doing

Nonprofit Breakthrough Fund

Create breakthrough change for grantees by providing organizational development support.

As with all sectors, organizations in the nonprofit sector must continually learn and build their capacity to deliver meaningful results for the people or causes the organization serves. Nonprofits must be able to incorporate cutting edge practices, scale successful programs, and address emerging challenges. Yet, nonprofit leaders find it challenging to find resources to engage in projects or trainings that will enhance organizational knowledge and capacity.

We invest in projects and learning opportunities identified by partners that enhance their organizational and leadership capacity because strong organizations and leaders can significantly impact the community. Investment in the effectiveness and sustainability nonprofit organizations enables organizations to fulfill their missions and have a positive impact on lives in our local communities. We seek to support greater effectiveness for the local nonprofit sector and its leaders and to increase access to opportunities that enhance the organizational and leadership capacity of our grantees.

We support:

  • Projects that strengthen the capacity of individual grantees
  • Trainings, conferences, and learning communities that strengthen groups or cohorts of grantees
  • Organizations that have a primary mission of building the capacity of nonprofit organizations in our local communities
  • Organizations that offer research and demonstration projects that provide new learning about local nonprofit effectiveness.

Our People

Irene Wong


Jessica Mancini

California Communities Program Officer

Only current Local Grantmaking Program grantees are eligible to apply for funds to support organizational effectiveness needs, including support for and participation in the Nonprofit Breakthrough Fund initiatives. Organizations currently receiving a grant through the Local Grantmaking Program should contact their primary Local Grantmaking program officer or lggm@packard.org for details on organizational effectiveness grant opportunities.