Local Grantmaking

Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo, Colorado is the birthplace of David Packard and the city where he spent a significant portion of his childhood. Pueblo was one of the largest steel-producing cities in the United States, and has played a major role in the agricultural industry of Colorado by hosting the Colorado State Fair each year. The community of Pueblo faces challenges such as generational poverty and food insecurity, but several local organizations and leaders are working hard to ensure a successful future for all of Pueblo’s children and families.

Our Goals

We want local communities, including Pueblo, to be strong and vibrant places where residents can access the resources and opportunities they need to stay well, thrive, explore and grow.

What We Funded

For 47 years, the Foundation funded a wide range of agencies, projects, and programs that enhance the lives of Pueblo’s children, families, and the community as a whole. While we didn’t limit the number of issues that we considered within the context of community, we always strived to ensure that the work complemented or supported the issues our founders cared most about – the environment, children and family support, and access to reproductive health. Click here to read more about the some of the work accomplished by the dedicated leaders and organizations we funded in Pueblo.

Our Approach

Funding in Pueblo, Colorado had a history of broad-based community support for nearly five decades, and we involved local leaders and citizens as advisors for grants. Whenever possible and prudent, we preferred to make grants that covered a two-year cycle. Our average grant size in Pueblo ranged between $20,000 – $50,000 during that term. We prioritized operational and program support rather than funding capital and infrastructure, while striving to remain responsive to community needs. We also helped to build local leadership, and to work collectively with others toward community change.

Today, the Packard Foundation no longer carries out direct grantmaking in Pueblo. In order to ensure the needs and priorities of the community of Pueblo were carried out by the people closest to the issues, in April 2019, the Foundation together with the Caring for Colorado Foundation launched the new Sperry S. and Ella Graber Packard Fund for Pueblo, an endowment established with a $20 million one-time grant to Caring for Colorado’s Centennial Fund. Named after the parents of David Packard, the fund is now managed entirely by Coloradoans through the Caring for Colorado Foundation. For more information on the Fund for Pueblo, including how to apply for a grant, visit Caring for Colorado’s website here.