Local Grantmaking

Nonprofit Breakthrough Fund

As with all sectors, organizations in the nonprofit sector must continually learn and build their capacity. Nonprofits must be able to incorporate cutting edge practices, scale successful programs, and address emerging challenges. Yet, nonprofit leaders find it challenging to make time to reflect and find resources to engage in additional projects or trainings that will enhance organizational knowledge and capacity.

Our Goals

We want to increase access to opportunities that enhance the organizational and leadership capacity of our grantees. We seek to support greater effectiveness for the local nonprofit sector and its leaders.

What We Fund

Local Grantmaking’s Nonprofit Breakthrough Fund supports projects that strengthen the capacity of individual grantees as well as supports training, conferences, and learning communities that strengthen groups or cohorts of grantees. In addition, funding is provided to organizations that have a primary mission of building the capacity of nonprofit organizations in our local communities, or that offer research and demonstration projects that provide new learning about local nonprofit effectiveness.